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Sunday, May 18, 2014

One Little Word - May Prompt (I am)

Thought it was time to share my One Little Word prompts for this month.  After such a crazy April I surprised myself by getting to these within the first couple days of May.  I guess what I really needed was to take the time to breath, get grounded and back in balance inside my head.
My reflections for April:
It says:  "Breathing a sigh of relief.  April was too much - work, responsibilities, Spring To Do lists, etc - all hit fast and hard.  I struggled most days with trying not to stress.  To find balance.  Patience.  It really was all mental - I knew that but couldn't quite find my center.  Finally though I think I'm back on top and putting more energy into living intentionally."

Then I quickly moved on to the prompt for the month.  The goal was to get kind of artsy and creative with a set of cards.  To just pull out some supplies, play around and let it flow.  Then use the cards as background for a list of "I am" statements.
The "I am" statements came surprisingly quickly and easily.  Decorating the cards did too, though the process and the end result really aren't "my thing."  I find myself wanting to go back and redo them, but I'm not going to.  Not right now at least.  I think it's part of the process, to just put it out there and let it be good enough and not worry about perfection.
So I started off with 9 pieces of cardstock and a small stack of my scrapbooking supplies that hadn't been used in quite some time.  The challenge was to do things in layers - add to it as you go.  So I pulled out the Cuttlebug and embossed a few of them.  I didn't feel like using paints and I was sad that I couldn't find any of my glimmer mist - I'll have to search that out sometime, so I stuck with ink pads.  As I said, my supplies were a bit old so the ink was a bit pale and dry, but that kind of worked for this project.  On some of the cards I used the ink pad itself and just covered the whole thing, on others I just kind of smudged it up or inked around the edges.
Then I took out the stamps and embellished most of the cards before adding on a stamped "I am" on each.
Then I took my list of I am statements and just started adding them randomly to the cards using stickers, chipboard letters, stamps, or my own handwriting (ick - I want to redo those the most if only because I couldn't find my black pen and the brown one I used was the wrong color).

-I am FUN
-Creativity is messy and I am very creative (yes I may have been looking at my Pinterest quote boards shortly before working on this LOL)
-I am learning
-I am genuine
-I am loving
-I am happy
-I am making the most of my life.  Right here.  Right now.
-I am hard at work
-I am a mom

And I am not going to over-think this process or redo anything ;)  Instead I'm going to finalize this post and get to work on some more Project Life pages.

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