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Sunday, April 13, 2014

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

 I prefer mine covered in glitter or stuffed with chocolate! ;)
Easter is almost here!  Which means that about 10 minutes ago I realized that (again) and thought, "if I don't blog about something Easter-related right now it's not going to get done." ;)
 It was a little over a week ago that it truly hit me that, once again, time is barreling by faster than ever.  Then I realized I had yet to put away the stack of Valentines and St Pat's Day decorations stacked on my craft table, let alone put out any of the Spring/Easter stuff.  Don't worry - I took the time that day to not only fix it, but got myself completely dust covered and spent a good three hours or so going through not only my holiday décor totes in the garage, but my craft and party ones too (and happily emptied three of them in the process!).  Then I recruited my 7 year old, who was the only one home with me at the time, to help me decorate the ledge by the stairs.
 Yup I know - I need something on the left side of the shutters.  I had intended to make something, but's not going to happen right now.  But the rest of it is cute, right?
 The front yard also got some much-needed attention with new flowers, new mulch, and moving some things around.  More on that later, when I have finished up what amounts to WAY too much yard work.
 What I really wanted to focus on today is the Eggs.  And the baskets!  My favorite things about Easter ;)  And once again, I went entirely overboard.  Though to be fair, my husband goes right along with me - he's the one that let my daughter try on the ridiculously-overpriced rollerblades weeks ago, then agreed to buy them.  So this year from us, Kaitlyn is getting the much-anticipated rollerblades, a glow in the dark soccer ball (because the dog has officially claimed Kate's old ball), and a couple of Ever After High dolls because I know she wanted that set and I spotted them on super duper sale at Target this week.
 Tyler was harder this year, mostly because he is fixed on technology (Ipods, music, and video games) right now and I like to concentrate on getting the kids set up for all kinds of outdoor fun at Easter.  The only thing he truly requested was a glow in the dark football.
A couple years back I invested in two sets of extra-large eggs.  This year I stuffed them with pool toys and goggles.
Then the really fun part - the small eggs.  I did stock up on everyone's favorite candy - Peeps, Cadbury mini eggs, jelly beans, Reese's eggs, and chocolate bunnies.  But I also try to get a little creative with what goes inside most of the eggs - and to steer away from sugar a little bit.  Previous years I've done things like stickers, toy cars, sidewalk chalk, etc.  This year I am splitting up a Lego set for Tyler and Kaitlyn gets Nerf Rebelle darts and strechy bands (they never seem to get enough of those, do they?).
And I also found these fun water bottle mix-ins.  My kids love that kind of thing.

I spent an hour stuffing eggs on Thursday - slid it in just in time before the kids hit Spring Break.  Yay!

So...what do you like in your eggs? ;)

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