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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Catching Up

Miss me?  We hit the GB limit on our internet hotspot (yes I run it through my phone - I'm going to explore other options but it was the only option during the move and the first months in the house) for the first time ever!  I'm blaming it on the little one's discovery of YouTube on his new Ipod lol.  Whatever the reason, I forced myself to not use the internet on the computer except when absolutely necessary and since I can't blog through the data on my phone... Needless to say, I've missed it!
The last couple of weeks have been busy, as usual.  I thought there were be a lull in orders through the Etsy shop after Christmas, but that wasn't the case.  In fact, I've been too busy to list any of the new items we've been working on (stay tuned for that one!).  Our new Girl Scout Troop has started in on it's first cookie sale - lots going on there! 
I've been working on getting the house and routine back to normal after the holidays.  For the first time I actually followed through and did something cute with the cards for the year.  (Idea found through pinterest, printable found here)  And I even managed to go through the financial files for 2012, switching them out for the new year and shredding everything I didn't need to save (thank goodness the youngest one likes to use the shredder!) and am all set to work on taxes as soon as the W2s and so on arrive.
We also made it through Kaitlyn's first science fair project - woohoo!  I can't be the only parent out there that wishes that all these great "learning experiences" for the kids didn't involve quite so much parental time and involvement, am I? :)  She didn't win, but she really enjoyed doing her project and putting together her presentation board.
We are now coming off a super-long weekend (this one boggles my mind.  Two weeks into school after the holiday break and we end up with 5 1/2 days off?!) and I'm ready for life to return to normal - or at least our latest version of normal.  I have lists, lists and more lists, and a million ideas and projects swirling around in my's going to be a great year!

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