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Friday, October 15, 2010

Hello Kitty Party

My daughter is obsessed with Hello Kitty. Obsessed. So it follows that she requested a Hello Kitty party for her 7th birthday. And, little party planner that she is, she also requested a Hello Kitty cake, and that we limbo, play pin the bow on Hello Kitty, and have a pinata. So pulling it together was pretty easy.

The invitation:

I whipped this one up in Paint, using clipart I found online.

The Food:
cupcakes with HK cake picks for school.

and for the party with her friends we had:
-cake pops! I found the idea and instructions for these on the Bakarella blog. They aren't that hard, just fairly time consuming. The key, I found was making sure the cake balls stayed practically frozen most of the time I was trying to work with them so th-ey wouldn't fall off the sticks. I also had a hard time finding some of the odds and ends to make her face so in the end I did the main features with black frosting and used small pieces of Fruit Roll-up for her bow (cut them into little rectangles and pinch the center together - it's easy!)

-chocolate covered strawberries (since I already had the candy melts all melted and sitting there) and grapes (for something "healthy")

- pink lemonade

And this Hello Kitty cake was reserved for our final cake and ice cream party with the grandparents (and other "grown-ups"). I used my good 'ole Wilton Animal Crackers pan for this one - I love how versatile that pan is.

The decor:

The favors:
I found these great little canvas bags on clearance at Michael's. 3 for 25 cents! So I just added some marabou trim and a little tag. Whenever I do pinata's I like to have bags with handles, and they need to be labelled so there are no mix-ups.
The pencils, Silly Bands, and candy were inside the pinata, of course. And I slipped the hairbows inside each bag before the party (instruction for the bows can be found here). The kids loved the bows and most put them in their hair as soon as they found them and wore them for the rest of the party.
The activities:
-pin the bow on Hello Kitty

-a dress up/open the present game. I'm sure you've played a variation of this at Christmas parties. You wrap up the prize in layer after layer of gift wrap. Then you put everyone in a circle and pass around a pair of dice. If a player rolls doubles, it's her turn to try to open the present. First she has to put on the collection of clothes (I used Kitty headband with ears that I made for Kaitlyn's Halloween costume last year, a boa, a tutu, and a pair of white dress up gloves - the gloves are the key because it makes it hard for the person to open the gift rapidly) and then hurries to rip into the present and get it open before the next person that rolls doubles can steal the clothes from her and take their turn trying to get into the prize.


-and the pinata (you can see how I made it here)

and of course Kaitlyn and Hello Kitty got matching outfits for the occasion. She loved it.

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Audrey said...

what a great party! You always do a fantastic job!

Cheri said...

Adorable party as always! I've really been wanting to make cake pops also! I think I'm making them for the party I have coming up!

Unknown said...

I want a Hello Kitty party! I mean, my daughter would love to have a Hello Kitty party, too.

Sandy Ang said...

Such a fab Hellow Kitty Party ! Love the decor.

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

So cute - I love your cake pops. You did an amazing job!

Sandi said...

cute! your cake and cake pops are impressive!

Kendra@My Insanity said...

Cute! Love the banner! Fun activity ideas!