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Monday, May 31, 2010

Mother's Day

Yes, it's way past Mother's Day. Which means it's now safe to show you what I did for all the moms on our gift list. ;) These were a big hit - you better put this on your list for ideas for next year.

I ordered these great cosmetic bags with photos on them (there's a different photo on the back). They're from and they were surprisingly well made. They even had a little zipper pocket inside them. Then I grabbed some fun Bath and Body Works stuff to go along with it.

Then packaged it up all nice and pretty.
Final close up of the tag. I made the paper flower the same way I learned to make one of the fabric flowers variations. Sorry no tutorial.
Go ahead. Write it down. :) I guarantee they'll love it.


Cheri said...

Another Great Idea!

Jenn said...

Your so creative!!