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Friday, November 20, 2009

Barn Invitations

**Reposted on the new blog.  Click THIS LINK to see not only the invitations but all the fun party details and photos!

Two weeks until my little guy turns 3! His favorite thing is to be out with grandpa, either on the big equipment or helping feed the cows. So the theme I chose for his party this year is Down on the Farm. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for having the planning and prep work all done already (I'll show it off after the party). And we hand delivered these fun little invitations this morning.
To make them, I simply drew a quick barn pattern and cut them out of red cardstock, making sure to cut the opening for the barn doors. The white "trim" is very thin strips of white cardstock. The tricky part was cutting them that thin. Then I just printed out the wording for the inside and attached it to the back.


Cartier Family said...

Too cute! You are just so creative!

Cheri said...

Great job! Very cute!

craftykat said...

Very cute Alayna :0 ) You did a great job on them!

Callie said...

This is exactly what I did when Ryen turned two!! Oink says the Pig, The Cow says Moo please join us because Ryen is turning two! Such a fun theme for a birthday party! I made a barn shaped cake too!!

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