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Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Here!

My Silhouette machine has arrived! I know I'm gonna love it! I haven't played around with it very much yet, but I did test it out with some vinyl.

I purposely got the kids Tootsie Roll banks for the last couple of holidays so that Kaitlyn would have somewhere to put her allowance. Of course we dressed them up with some of her Hello Kitty paper and vinyl labels. She loves allowance day now, and the act of dividing her money between the three banks - and counting up how much is in her spending bank because she already has it earmarked for a new game for her DS.

I picked up these buckets at Hobby Lobby last year after Easter. It has been my intention all along to dress them up like the ones I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog (I would totally share the link but it was LAST YEAR and they don't have anything like them this year. I did however find some similar here and here), but hadn't asked anyone to cut out the vinyl for me. Now I can do it myself!

Cute huh?! The kids love them already and are excited to see what the Easter Bunny puts in them this year.

And lastly, the requisite No Soliciting sign on the front door. Really it's a must if you live in one of the newer subdivisions - all the salesmen target them first. I've had 2 different Kirby vacuum people in the last month alone. Hope this helps cut down on that kind of thing.

Now, off I go to plot more ways to use my new toy...

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Quick Sewing Projects

Since we did finally manage to get my sewing machine up and running (thank goodness for handy husbands!), I thought I'd share some of the small projects I was able to finish. First up, and really the whole reason I drug out all the sewing stuff was a car seat tent/nursing cover for my cousin. She's due in a couple weeks with her first baby and I wanted to get this in the mail to her before the little one arrived. Don't you just love that fabric?! I could very easily become a fabric junkie. It's a good thing I have very little reason to enter the fabric section very often or I'd have a whole stack of fabric with no real purpose, just because I loved the colors.

After I finished the baby gift I set to work turning these trift store sweaters into pillows for the living room sofa. I saw this idea a few months ago here and have been waiting for the chance to whip them up.

The finished product. Don't mind the lighting - it was a nasty rainy day yesterday and the colors are a bit off. The red is much prettier in person. And those pillows are oh so soft.

I also took the time to hem some of Kaitlyn's jeans, alter the top of her new swimming suit so it won't fall off her in the pool, reattach the binding to a blanket (that really should be replaced here soon - it's the one that we use in the living room and it's obviously seen better days), and glued the clips to the flower rosettes I made when I went to visit my friend Audrey 2 months ago - yikes! Now Kaitlyn has some pretty new hairbows for spring. And I can happily cross a whole bunch of little things off my To Do List!