Sunday, December 6, 2009

Farm Party

 Party has now been reposted on the new blog at   Click on THIS LINK to see all the fun details and photos of the party!


  1. Great Job on the party! Very cute. I love the cow milking game.

  2. Alayna- I have to say...You ARE the Party QUEEN!! Awesome party- sounds like all the younguns had a great time!

  3. Ok, now I know we are the same kind of people. That is awesome... and amazing! It isn't often you find people that go all out for their kids birthdays like this.

    I am excited to keep up on your party ideas. You have great ideas. My friends and I all share this same type of party enthusiasm... just awesome to have 'met' you. :)



    PS, just in case you are curious and want to find them, all my parties are in July and Jan. lol... that is when all my kids are born. Have a great night!

  4. I LOVE how your invitations turned out! That is exactly what I would have done (did you see my post on farm ideas), and the cupcakes! But I never would have thought of milking the cow! Too clever! Looks like a super fun party!

  5. I saw your great barn made out of a plastic tablecloth on Pinterest and loved it. I linked back to you/the idea in a post: 14 Ways to Create Learning Experiences with Children Using Plastic Tablecloths

    It looked like a great party, and thanks for the fun idea!

  6. Очень здорово! It"s really cool party!Your idea with cow and milk is amazing!